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Type of TFT LCD module

  The TFT LCD display device in the TFT LCD module is the basic component of high and new technology. Although its application is very extensive, its use and assembly are not simple for most people. Among them, the dot matrix of the LCD display device will let the user have a sense of not knowing where to start.Because of the particularity of its connection way, the specialty needs special equipment. Therefore, many lcd display device users want someone to assemble the materials needed by the lcd module together and form a brand new functional part. What users need is that they can assemble it into a complete machine system by using traditional technology.

  TFT LCD display module is a kind of LCD display device, connector, integrated circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, structural components assembled together. In fact, it is a kind of commercial component. According to the relevant national standards of China, only indivisible integrated components are called modules, and those that can be split are called components.So the specification should be called lcd display components.But people have long been used to calling them modules.

  lcd display device is a kind of high-tech basic components, although its application has been very widespread, but for many people, use, assembly still feel difficult. Point of formation lcd display device, in particular, the user will be a hindrance.  Special connections and special equipment is not required for everyone to understand and have, therefore the lcd display device, the user wants to people, the lcd display device and control, driving integrated circuit together, form a functional unit, users only need to use the traditional process can be assembled into a whole system.

  From a broad sense, those who by the lcd display device and integrated circuit assembly together of parts are belong to the module, but in fact, we often call module is the key to give directions array assembly of dot matrix LCD module, lcd display device is special because dot matrix lcd display device products in addition to large quantities of some varieties for some (such as machine translation, communication), the manufacturer is direct supply users with lcd display device, almost all universal dot matrix lcd display device is processed into module to supply the user, so very easily misunderstanding of LCD module is dot matrix LCD module.


  1.  Counting module

  This is a counter display unit consisting of a seven-segment LCD display device with different bits, a decoding driver, or a counter. It has the function of recording, processing, and displaying Numbers. At present, the key products that can be seen in the Chinese market are the unit LCD display module driven by CD4055 decoding driver, and the 4-bit, 6-bit, 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, and 16-bit counting module assembled by ICM72ll, ICM7231, ICM7232, CDl4543, UPDl45001, HD44100, and other integrated circuits and corresponding supporting LCD devices.

  2.  Measurement module

  It is an A module composed of A multi-segment LCD display device and an integrated circuit with decoding, driving, counting, and A/D conversion functions. Since the integrated circuit used has an A/D conversion function, the input analog signal can be converted into digital quantity for display. We know that any physical quantity, even chemical quantity (such as ph, etc. ) can be converted into analog electric quantity, so as long as equipped with certain sensors, this module can realize the amount and display of any quantity, which is very convenient to use. ICL7106, ICL7116, ICL7126, ICL7136, ICL7135, and ICL7129 are the key types of integrated circuits used in the measurement module.  The functions and characteristics of these integrated circuits determine the functions and characteristics of the measurement module. As a measured product, it must be measured and appraised according to the regulations. A metrology certificate shall be affixed to the product after approval by the metrology department.


  3.  Timing module

  The timing module USES the LCD display device for timing the longest time. The assembly of an LCD display device and a timing integrated circuit is a timer with complete functions. It doesn’t have the shell of a finished clock, so it’s called a timing module. Timing module USES is very wide, but gm, the standard of timing module is difficult to buy in the market, only to the electronic clock manufacturer or order in table core of choose and buy, timing and counting module although similar appearance, but they display in a different way, is by two-timing module Numbers indicate a set of two a set of Numbers. In the counting module, each number is arranged continuously. As a result of many timing modules still has a regular, control function, because this kind of module can be assembled extensively on a few add electricity, equipment, be like a recorder, CD machine, microwave oven, electric rice cooker to wait for an electric appliance to go up.

  With the development of time, people now want to buy thin and thin things, such as TV sets and mobile phones. LCM LCD module plays a very big role in it, so do you know which products LCM LCD module is used in?

  Module composition is a piece of CELL, also known as PCBI, and a piece of backlight (BLU), the role of the backlight is luminous. Relatively early LCDTV selection of the backlight is CCFL tube, the key for LCDTV, called LCDTV, now most of the backlight for the selection of LED side luminescent type, made the TV is very thin, about 20mm (LCD is relatively thick, about 40mm).

  LED module applications are more, such as LCD TV sets, monitors, mobile phones, and so on. Still have a kind of straight down type backlight, thickness is big, 100mm or so, also key is used at making big size TV set, the evenness of illuminant of this kind of practice TV is better. The LCD module that Touch screen USES is called TP commonly (Touch panel), do navigator, tablet computer, mobile phone. Now there are also in the development of large-size touch screen computer (all-in-one machine), television, and so on.

  With the continuous development of the LCD module, a lot of new ideas have been put forward. The invention relates to an LCD display module that chooses a memory interface. But you’re certainly not very familiar with this. Let’s talk about it:

  This module is to attach an MCU and related hardware to the existing dot-matrix LCD and interface with the external controller using memory, thus solving the problem of uniform interface and display speed of LCD.

  Dot-matrix LCD interface is simple and can display various information by dot matrix or graph, so it has been widely used in various electronic designs. However, its interface must follow certain hardware and timing specifications, depending on the LCD driver, may need to issue different commands to control the display of data. Moreover, the execution of the command needs a certain amount of time. If the system has a large amount of real-time data, the direct control of the LCD display may consume too much time, thus affecting the data processing. Therefore, different LCD modules must be selected due to certain needs, which need to modify the software.


  LCD display module

  The LCD display module is an LCD display component, connectors, IC, PCB, PCB assembly together, backlight, structural components, referred to as a matter of fact it is a commercial unit. According to the regulation of international standards: only integration of integral components is called “module”, can be called “components” split. So the specification should be called “LCD display components.”But it has long been known as a “module”.

  The LCD display device is a kind of high-tech basic component, although its application has been very widespread, for many people, use, the assembly still feels difficult. Point of formation LCD display device, in particular, the user will be a hindrance.  Special connections and special equipment are not required for everyone to understand and have, therefore the LCD display device, the user wants to people, the LCD display device and control, driving integrated circuit together, constitute a functional unit, users only need to use the traditional process can be assembled into a whole system.

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Type of TFT LCD module