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Take stock of 6 common cameras on the road

You can often see a variety of cameras on the road, of which the most common 6 must be recognized.

The first, electronic eyes, also known as electronic police, are generally installed at intersections and mainly capture violations such as running red lights, crossing lines, illegal lane changes, driving the wrong way, talking on the phone, and not wearing seat belts. The camera is easy to identify, usually has a flash device next to the camera, and cannot be rotated.

The second is a parking camera. This kind of camera is generally installed on urban roads with a large traffic flow, as well as narrow and easily congested roads, in addition, it will also be installed on the highway to capture the behavior of illegal boarding and unloading on the highway. This kind of camera is easy to identify, usually mounted on a stick out, and the camera can rotate 360 degrees.

Third, the interval speed camera, most installed on the highway, some national roads will also be installed, used to monitor whether the vehicle is speeding, will set two monitoring points on the road, if the time through this section is shorter than the preset time, then the vehicle will be identified as speeding.

Fourth, the mobile speed camera, which has no fixed use position, such as may appear in the hands of the police, the green belt in the middle of the highway, the top of the police car, etc., generally will not be broadcast on the navigation, so the deadliest to the owner.

The fifth, bayonet gun camera, mainly installed on highways, national highways, there will be a flash of light after the car record, if you pass found two flashes, then it may be recorded, and this camera may be installed at the other end of the bridge, can only be seen in the rearview mirror, it is impossible to defend.

The sixth kind, sky net surveillance camera, there are gun type, there are half spherical, generally installed on the pole or street lamp, this kind of monitoring is not to catch violations, but to catch bad people, so see this kind of camera, as long as you do not do bad things, you do not have to be nervous.

In short, driving on the road safety first, as long as it does not violate the traffic rules, install more cameras are not afraid, you think it is right to praise, said wrong to see the comment area, the final question comes, you have been caught by the camera? What is the reason? Follow me and learn something useful about cars every day.