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Industrial LCD Display – black screen fault treatment method

Black screens appear in the daily work of industrial LCD screens, what should we do? Don’t worry. black screen fault treatment method. Today, we summarize the reasons for the black screen fault treatment method by the failure of industrial LCD screens:

1. Check the power supply of the host and whether it works normally.

Check whether the power indicator on the host chassis panel is on and whether the power fan is rotating to determine whether the host system is supplied with power. Secondly, the multimeter is used to check whether the external voltage meets the requirements. If the voltage is too high or too low, it may cause the automatic shutdown protection of the main-machine power supply with overvoltage or Undervoltage.

In addition, it is important to check the quality of the power switch and reset key and the correct connection between them and the motherboard, because the power switch and reset key in many inferior cases are often damaged after several times of use, resulting in a black screen display. If the power supply is damaged, replace it.

2. Check whether the POWER supply of the Industrial LCD is properly connected.

When the Industrial LCD display is powered up, there is a click sound, and the LCD’s power indicator lights up. When users move to the LCD screen, there is a hissing sound, and hairs on the back of their hands stand up.

3. Check whether the signal line of the industrial LCD display screen is in good contact with the display card.

If there is a lot of dirt on the interface, broken needles and other damage will lead to poor contact, the display black screen.

4. check the Industrial LCD display card and motherboard contact is good.

If the Industrial LCD screen and speakers within the host let out a long and a short hum industrial LCD screen indicates display card and the connection between the mainboard has a problem, or display card and display this connection has a problem, can be the key to check whether the slot contacts good whether there is a foreign body inside the tank, the display card in a motherboard slot for testing, to determine whether there is something wrong with the slot.

5. check whether the Industrial display card can work normally.

Check to see if the chip on the display card can scorch, crack marks and whether the display card’s cooling fan is working, heat dissipation performance is good. Change a working graphics card to exclude whether the graphics card is damaged.

If you cannot find out the reason by yourself, please contact the industrial LCD display manufacturer for timely repair.

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Industrial LCD Display – black screen fault treatment method